Final Paper Submission Instructions

ICRA is the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society’s flagship conference and the premier international forum for robotics researchers to present and discuss their work. The 2022 conference committee would like to congratulate all the authors for excellent work. The instructions on this page apply to ALL ACCEPTED papers for ICRA 2022 submitted as:

- Contributed ICRA submissions
- RA-L paper submissions with the ICRA presentation option
- Selected T-RO papers that have been accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022 
- Selected RAM papers that have been accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022

Final Version of Your Accepted Papers

The reviews and the associate editor remarks can be found via your PaperPlaza account. Please take these comments and suggestions into account when preparing the final version of your paper.

Your final version must be submitted using PaperPlaza. The deadline for final paper submission is March 1, 2022 (23:59 US Pacific time). Please ensure that the PaperPlaza metadata such as title, abstract and author list is correct since this information is included in the program.

Please recall the commitment statement you provided when submitting your paper: "the final version is expected to correspond in length and contents to your accepted submission, except for parts that might be added or modified to address the reviewers' comments. It is considered unethical to shorten or otherwise alter the final version in ways that make it significantly different than what was reviewed and accepted."

Page Length - Papers appearing in the ICRA proceedings

Your final submission must also comply with the (6+n) paper length (i.e. six pages of technical content (including text, figures, tables, acknowledgement, etc.) with no page-limit for the bibliography/references (n pages). (6+n) pages compliance in the final version will be MANUALLY CHECKED after March 1, 2022, and PaperPlaza does not have the capability to automatically check this compliance, when you submit your final paper.

Papers that were submitted to RA-L with ICRA 2022 presentation option that were REJECTED by RA-L but ACCEPTED for ICRA 2022, MUST be reformatted to the (6+n) pages limit described above in order to be published and presented at ICRA 2022.

Any final paper submitted by the final submission deadline that does not comply with the (6+n) pages requirement will be SUMMARILY REJECTED and REMOVED from the conference proceeding. Authors will not have an opportunity to fix the non-compliance, given the short time window between final submission deadline, manual (6+n) pages compliance check of the final papers, and conference publication deadlines.

(6+n) pages compliance DOES NOT apply to:

- ACCEPTED RA-L papers with the ICRA 2022 option that have ALSO BEEN ACCEPTED for presentation at ICRA 2022
- Selected T-RO papers that have been accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022 

- Selected RAM papers that have been accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022

Special Instructions for RAM papers accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022

In your final submission, due March 1, 2022, make sure the title of the paper is the same as the published RAM one. You should re-format your paper according to the ICRA template; the paper should NOT be in RAM magazine style.

Special Instructions for Selected T-RO papers accepted for presentation at ICRA 2022

In your final submission, due March 1, 2022, you should submit the pdf of the most final version of your paper available.  In other words:

(1) Submit the version currently online at IEEE Xplore, complete with volume number, issue number, and page numbers.  If this is not yet available,
(2) submit the version on IEEE Xplore before it has been assigned to an issue.  If this is not yet available,
(3) submit the final proof you approved during the proofing process.  If this is not yet available,
(4) submit the final version you submitted for proofing after your paper was accepted.

Almost all papers should be in the category (1) or (2).

Please remember that submitting your paper to ICRA represents a commitment to registering and presenting it.  Failure to follow through with a registration may lead to sanctions from future ICRAs, T-RO, or both.

Video for Accepted Papers

If your accepted paper was accompanied by a short video in the original submission, then you may upload a video in the final submission. However, please do not use special codecs (coders/decoders) in order to provide as much portability as possible across platforms. Accepted video contributions will be included in the conference proceedings and also in IEEE Xplore. Here is the detailed video submission guidelines for contributed ICRA papers and RA-L submissions:

- File size: 20MB
- Format (only one of the following should be used): mpeg, mp4, mpg
- Maximum duration in seconds: 180 sec.
- Minimum height: 480
- Minimum frame rate (fps): 20
- Scan type: Progressive

In addition, please prepare the following two plain text files:

  • Summary.txt file (max 1 KB). Describe in five sentences or less the contents or value of the video. This file helps IEEE Xplore users to make downloading decisions.
  • ReadMe.txt file (max 10 KB). This file must include the following sections:
    1. Description: An overall description of the objects and what the audience can expect to gain by downloading them;
    2. Player Information: Provide the minimum version of the player software that is required to play the submitted files. Include the name of the software, the version number, and any special requirements for the player; and
    3. Contact Information: The author should provide contact information in case users have questions regarding the extended material. IEEE will not provide any technical support.

Note that both of the above files should be in plain text format and have a .txt extension. They are needed by IEEE in order to include the video in IEEE Xplore.

A video that was NOT originally submitted to a contributed ICRA paper or RA-L paper with the ICRA option, will NOT be accepted at a later date in the final ICRA paper submission or the revised RA-L submission with the ICRA option, after the peer-review of the paper is completed.

Author Registration

Robotics and Automation Society and ICRA conference policy requires that at least one author of your paper is registered for the conference prior to final paper upload. The link to registration can be found in the paper acceptance email. Please refer to the registration site for more details on the pricing.